We take pride to be the only confinement center in Malaysia, with in-house medical doctor, licensed Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) physician and trained qualified nurses.

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DPP22222344 Deluxe Confnement Room Menu

Deluxe Room

  • Private Room With Attached  Bathroom

  • Luxury Hotel Bedding Set – Queen Size Bed

  • High Speed Wifi Internet

  • 42-Inch LED TV

  • Air Purifier

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DPP22222238 1 Confinment Center Premium Room JOIE

Premium Room

  • Private Room With Attached  Bathroom

  • Luxury Hotel Bedding Set – Queen Size Bed

  • High Speed Wifi Internet

  • 42-Inch LED TV

  • Air Purifier

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Joie Confinement KL VIP Suite 1

VIP Suite

  • Private Room With Attached  Bathroom

  • Luxury Hotel Bedding Set – King Size Bed

  • High Speed Wifi Internet

  • 50-Inch LED TV

  • Air Purifier

  • Mini Bar
  • Living Area With Sofa Bed

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Activity Room for Postpartum Workout and Yoga


Baby Room with 24 hour Surveillance System


Functional Room For Health Talks, Seminar & Events


Wellness & Spa Room

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A Few Words About JOIE

julie osw 1

“Half way through my confinement month, I will cherish every single second that I spend in this warmth, relax, comfort confinement center. Thanks to DR Chloe for her medical advice, TCM Fiona for her Chinese med advice (dealing with my breast engorgement problem and massage baby to bring down his bilirubin level back to normal), nursery nurses, 4 beautiful ladies at the front desk, chefs, room service kakak and etc!”

Julie Osw, Mummy
angie teh

It was the best decision to have my confinement at Joie confinement centre. During my 28 days stay, I have received so many helps and cares from CS pretty girls, nurses, doctors & kakak. I love how patience are everyone there always ready to help and explain to you.

As my baby has prolonged jaundice, so we had to plan together how to tackle this issue. I am being informed of my baby’s daily jaundice reading. She is very well taken care by the nurses, even better than me 😂. I really wish I could bring the nursery room back home. Now, I am home, I am missing the 306 Baby’s room hotline badly. As there were dedicated nurses assign to look after my baby so I don’t need to keep speaking to a new nurse when I need to know more about my baby. It was a very good arrangement. I had good rest in the centre where i can always have the nurses to look after my baby whenever I need a break.

Besides that, the overall experience was good. I didn’t expect it to be that good. I was served 5 meals promptly and whenever I missed eating it hot, the pretty CS girls always help me to reheat my food. I guess my meals were too nutritious so I didn’t get to loose weight when I am in the centre. Also, I love the daily housekeeping service, it is almost like staying in a hotel where my room were tidied up daily, change of clean clothes and towels.

It’s been a great time, I would strongly recommend to my friend to have confinement at Joie..

Angie Teh, Mummy
lmm fb

林美美, Mummy
sharon chang

“Feeling glad to step into Joie Confinement Centre after delivered. A lot of knowledge I’ve learned here not only on how to look after my baby, but on how to become a mommy, the precious experience I’ve gained, and also met the people who helped me when I was hesitated and helpless..special thanks to Dr.Chloe, Fiona, Suriya, Yeap, Kak Siti and those staffs who were on call in servicing.”

Sharon Chang, Mummy
favicon joie

“Love the feeling of home sweet home @ Joie Confinement center. The warm, clean & comfortable environment make my 28 days stay here wonderful without any worries. As everything were taken care off – baby being look after 24/7 by nurses, Dr & staff were attentive & friendly.
Thank you for providing me the wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend to anyone about your confinement center.
Keep up the good jobs.”

Carmen Khik, Mummy
favicon joie

“I would recommend Joie Confinement Center to those moms especially first time mommies. Reception staffs are friendly and helpful. The room is cozy and nice plus daily housekeeping is provided. Two doctors in house; Dr Chloe and Dr Fiona who will check on baby and mommy. Any queries or doubts on breast feeding and baby care can always refer to them. The center also provided classes such as postnatal yoga, baby massage, hands on for newborn baby and so forth. Daily food served is enough to maintain a balance diet and won’t get hungry easily. Nurses well trained to take good care of baby on 24 hours so that mommies can have a good rest. Is worth to stay for 28 days here with care and supports from all staffs.”

Wong Yi Lin, Mummy
favicon joie

Jean Yap, Mummy
nicki lee

I chose Joie Confinement Center because the facilities and services provided with the package is very good and professional. The food provided everyday is tasty and generous portions given to make sure mommy is well fed and able to breastfeed baby without going hungry. Dr Chloe and Dr Fiona are both very attentive to baby and mommy well being, constantly checking in to make sure we are well and comfortable, sharing valuable knowledge on breastfeeding and baby care. Nurses are well trained and take good care of baby, giving mommy the peace of mind to rest up when needed. Overall, very good service in a nice and cozy environment. Highly recommended especially for first time moms, this is the place where you’ll get all the care and support to be successful in your new journey in life.

Nicki Lee, Mummy
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