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We offer a wide range of high quality of confinement/postpartum services & activities.

Below are the after thoughts from mommies who has chosen to stay at Joie Confinement Center (With Video)

For first time parents they do not have to worry about parenting knowledge as Joie Confinement Center has a team of professional to guide and assist them during their confinement.

🤱🏻Joie Confinement Center provides 🤱🏻

👶🏻24 hours care for mothers and baby by patient and trained nurses.
🏨 Comfortable five-star postnatal care environment
👩🏻‍⚕Full time Doctor and TCM based at center
🤱🏻Regular classes and workshops
💆‍♀In-house spa and wellness programme

【Joie Confinement Center】
✔Provide professional Care Team
✔Sufficient Rest and Recuperate
✔To make sure postpartum care is done well

Joie Confinement Center

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👶🏻 受训专业护士为母亲和婴儿提供24小时护理。

🏨 五星级产后护理环境

👩🏻‍⚕ 全职医生和中医

🤱🏻 多元化活动,健康与育婴课程

💆‍♀ 室内水疗中心和健康计划





Joie Confinement Center

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