Joie Confinement Center

World Class Postpartum Care Facilities

Providing Everything You Need for a Relaxing & Rejuvenating Postpartum Experience

Recover in Our World-Class Facilities

Joie Confinement Center offers a functional room, wellness facility & serene setting for mothers to rejuvenate & bond with their newborns

Activity Room for Workout & Yoga

Restore your well-being in our Activity Room, featuring dedicated space for postpartum workouts and yoga classes

Baby Room with 24 hour Surveillance

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our Baby Room, equipped with a 24-hour surveillance system for constant monitoring of your little one

Functional Room For Health Talks

Learn and connect with other mothers in our Functional Room, designed for hosting health talks, seminars, and events

Wellness & Spa Room

Pamper yourself in our luxurious Wellness & Spa Room, offering a haven for relaxation and self-care

Discover Our Luxurious Facilities Designed for Your Wellbeing

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