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Newborn Care Services

Expert 24 Hours Baby Care Service. Providing Gentle & Attentive Support During This Crucial Time

Our Newborn Baby Care Services

At Joie Confinement Center, we understand the importance of expert care and a nurturing environment for your newborn. Our newborn caretaker are here to provide everything your little one needs for a healthy and happy start in life.

24/7 Nursery Care

Our dedicated and experienced nurses are available around the clock to ensure your baby's comfort and safety. This allows you to rest and recover with peace of mind, knowing your little one is in the best hands. The nursery itself is designed to be a warm and inviting space, equipped with everything your baby needs.

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Daily Health Monitoring

Our highly qualified nursing staff provides daily weight monitoring, temperature, feeding information and pattern, non-invasive jaundice checking, and baby's input and output. This ensures your baby is being monitored closely, tracking your baby's growth progress and keeping an eye on any possible areas of concern.

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24/7 Baby Cam Monitoring

There is one-on-one private webcam access to your baby 24/7. This allows you to check on your little one any time of day or night, offering an extra layer of reassurance and allowing you to feel connected even when you're apart.

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Baby Cam Monitoring at Joie Confinement Center
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Paediatrician Visitations

Weekly visits from our qualified paediatrician ensure your baby's health and development are closely monitored. These checkups allow the paediatrician to address any concerns you may have and identify any potential issues early on.

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Jaundice Level Monitoring

We have a medical-grade non-invasive jaundice checking device to check on your baby’s jaundice level everyday without needing to go to the hospital. Jaundice is a common condition in newborns, but early detection and intervention are crucial. Our staff will keep a watchful eye and keep you informed.

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TCM Baby Massage at Joie Confinement Center

Baby Massage by TCM

Our TCM physician will provide therapeutic baby massage using gentle techniques specifically designed for newborns if needed. This can promote relaxation, improve sleep quality, improve digestion and support overall well-being for your little one.

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High Hygiene Standards

Your baby's health and well-being are our top priority. We maintain the highest hygiene standards in the nursery. The baby's room is sterilised daily with a medical-grade UV light. All baby’s bottles, baby’s utensils, or breast pump parts are sterilized with UV steriliser. Our baby room is equipped with a medical-grade air purifier to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Gentle Baby Baths

Our experienced staff is skilled in providing safe and gentle bathing sessions for your newborn. These baths not only keep your baby clean but can also be a calming experience. After the baby's bath our nurses will massage the baby with baby lotion to ensure a well moisturize skin and improve blood circulation.

Daily Essentials Provided

We provide daily clothing made with soft cotton and premium diapers for your convenience, ensuring your baby always has what they need. We prioritise gentle care with "natural baby products" to minimise any potential skin irritation.

Joie's Difference

  • Holistic Approach: We combine modern medicine, TCM practices, and wellness therapies for a comprehensive approach to your newborn baby care
  • Experienced Newborn Caretaker: Our team consists of professional doctors, TCM physicians, midwives, nurse managers, qualified trained nurses and nurse assistants who offer gentle care and monitoring for your precious baby
  • Comfort & Security: Our nursery prioritises your baby's well-being with daily UV sterilisation, air purification, an isolation room for extra care, and 24/7 security

They took care of my baby well with very detailed recording for pumping, latching, baby’s weight, baby’s jaundice reading, etc. They also discuss and personalize my breastfeeding schedule, which is very beneficial for me and the baby when we get home later

Vivian Ang


Yes, at our facility, we offer comprehensive support and guidance for feeding newborns, tailored to individual needs. Our services include:

  1. Breastfeeding Support: Our lactation nurses and confinement nurses provide expert guidance and assistance to mothers who choose to breastfeed. This includes education on proper breastfeeding techniques, troubleshooting common breastfeeding challenges, and addressing concerns related to milk supply or latch issues.
  2. Bottle-Feeding Assistance: For mothers who are unable to breastfeed or choose to bottle-feed, we offer guidance on safe and proper bottle-feeding practices. Our team can provide information on selecting appropriate infant formula, preparing and feeding bottles, and ensuring that babies are receiving adequate nutrition through bottle-feeding.

Our goal is to empower mothers with the knowledge and skills necessary to feed their babies in a way that promotes their health and well-being, whether through breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. We understand that each mother and baby may have unique circumstances, and we are committed to providing personalised support to meet their individual needs.

Monitoring jaundice levels in newborns typically involves assessing the baby’s skin colour and, in some cases, using a device called a transcutaneous bilirubinometer to measure the level of bilirubin in the skin. If your baby has jaundice, the healthcare provider will evaluate the severity based on the bilirubin levels and other factors such as the baby’s birth age, health status, and risk factors. If your baby is diagnosed with jaundice, the healthcare provider will determine the appropriate course of action based on the severity of the condition.

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